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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Items to note this week, September 27 – October 1:

    Items to note this week, September 27 – October 1:

    Practice slips are due Monday – September 27! – 40% of the grade!
    This practice guide should be read by both parents and students! A truly helpful tool for setting goals for musical advancement!

    If you haven’t done so yet, please check to see that your child’s concert clothing fits (Black pants or skirts/dresses, White shirts and Black socks/hosiery and Black shoes). Black pants and shoes will also be worn for the marching band performance at the UI Homecoming parade October 23. I know that these kids grow at an incredible rate and I wanted to make sure that concert clothing was secured before our first concerts.

    There is a new instrument care page that I created on our website. Every woodwind and brass player should check this out!!

    6th grade Band: Nice job last week. Since we didn’t take our test last week, I will hear #22 on page 9 on Monday, 9.27. The test piece for this Thursday is #1 on page 40.

    7th and 8th grade Bands: Practice the 6 chorales with corresponding scales, Parade America, Takin’ Care of Business (memorized), WSU Fight Song, March Del Mar, Kitty Hawk March, Honor March & Marche Militaire (8th only). There should be quite a bit of practicing going on at home.

    We will try to make it outside to practice marching on the days with no rain – keep your fingers crossed! Have your child dress appropriately.

    We will also take a test over the “F” concert scale on Thursday this week!

    7th/8th Jazz Band: LOTS of kids this year 50+! The students have two pieces to be working on “I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” & “Pico De Gallo”. Sound clips of these two pieces are on our website as well. They will also receive a new piece on Tuesday, “Do Nothin’ ’til You Hear From Me”.

    Jr. All-State (8th grade only): I’ve handed out information and most have returned their forms. We will record October 4, 5 & 7. There is a sign-up sheet on the main door to the band room.

    I’ve uploaded playing examples to the website and they are played by trumpet but I think the students will get the idea.

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    Upcoming events:

    October 21 – This is our annual March in October Concert featuring the 7th/8th grade marching and concert bands. (7:30pm – LMS gymnasium)

    October 23 – The 7th/8th grade marching band will march in the UI Homecoming Parade in Moscow. (Saturday morning)

    November 3 – 7th/8th Jazz Band will perform at the WSU Jazz Festival (school day – Kimbrough Concert Hall)

    Thank you for your support of the LMS Bands!
    Mr. Covill