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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Items to note this week, September 13 – September 17:

    Items to note this week, September 13 – September 17:

    • Practice slips are due Monday – September 13! Every 6th/7th & 8th grade band student should turn one of these in tomorrow!!

    Please encourage your child to be responsible for coming to you to get the slip signed, not the other way around! This is what they are hearing from me in class as well. For new students: A total of 100 minutes of practice time is required at home to solidify what was learned in class. I suggest at least 20 minutes a night. Keep track of the time practiced on the attached practice slip or get a practice slip in class (they are always on the counter at the front of the room). Be sure that there is a parent signature on the slip and it should be turned in every Monday or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday. If your child is ill, they should turn the practice slip in the day they return.

    • 7th/8th Jazz Band starts this week. Remember, 7:30am is the time we start to play music so if the students can be there ready to go a little earlier than that it would be greatly appreciated. The band meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for most of the school year.

    • The 6th grade bands have been making great sounds! I think we’re down to just a couple of students without instruments. I would love to see 100% with instruments this week!

    • If you haven’t done so yet, please check to see that your child’s concert clothing fits (Black pants or skirts/dresses, White shirts and Black socks/hosiery and Black shoes).  I know that these kids grow at an incredible rate and I wanted to make sure that concert clothing was secured before our first concerts.

    • The 7th and 8th grade bands are sounding amazing. They should be practicing Parade America, Takin’ Care of Business (memorized), WSU Fight Song, March Del Mar, and other pieces which they were given last week. There should be quite a bit of practicing going on at home.

    • Some 7th and 8th graders have already approached me about getting solos and ensembles for the year. If your 7th or 8th grader is interested in Solo and Ensemble have them talk to me.

    • The Audition materials for Jr. All-State are available. I’ve handed out information already but there is still time for those who may not have gotten the material.

    • Thank you again to all of you who attended open house last week! It was nice to see you.

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    Upcoming events:

    October 21 – This is our annual March in October Concert featuring the 7th/8th grade marching and concert bands. (7:30pm – LMS gymnasium)

    October 23 – The 7th/8th grade marching band will march in the UI Homecoming Parade in Moscow. (Saturday morning)

    November 3 – 7th/8th Jazz Band will perform at the WSU Jazz Festival (school day – Kimbrough Concert Hall)

    Thank you for your support of the LMS Bands!

    Mr. Covill