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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Items to note this week, November 1 – November 5:

    Practice slips are due Monday – November 1! – 40% of the grade!
    This practice guide should be read by both parents and students! A truly helpful tool for setting goals for musical advancement!

    Congratulations to the 7th/8th grade bands on outstanding at the UI Homecoming parade last weekend. If you haven’t heard, we received an award for best marching band – LMS Bands Rock!!!

    It was really nice seeing sooo many parents at the conferences this past week. It was also nice to meet many of you for the first time! Thank you for coming.

    6th grade Band: This band is sounding really good – it all has to do with the amount of practice they are putting in!!! (FYI – Our first concert is on Tuesday, December 14)
    The test piece for this Thursday is #44 on pg. 14. I will be looking mainly at the four slurs in this exercise.
    Try working as far ahead in your book as you can get. Remember to always play with a good tone and great rhythm!!! There is a real nice solo on page 34 in your book that you should start working on.
    Pieces to practice: “Holiday Sampler”, “March of the Spartans” & “Eagle Summit March”

    7th and 8th grade Bands: Both bands have at least one new piece of music and will receive more this week.
    7th grade will test on Thursday is over their chromatic scale starting on concert Bb and playing one octave.
    8th grade will test on Thursday over concert Bb harmonic minor scale with arpeggio.

    7th/8th Jazz Band: The students have four pieces to be working on “I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You”, “Pico De Gallo”, “Do Nothin’ ’til You Hear From Me” & “Drum Boogie”. Sound clips are available on our website for most of the pieces as well.
    Remember that our first performance is at the WSU Jazz Festival on November 3 during the school day – be at school loading the bus at 7am dressed in black and white.
    We would love to see as many parents at this performance as possible. The students play at 8am and would love to play for a full house!
    Ask your child about the wonderful opportunity that has presented itself to us.
    Also, remember that this class/rehearsal starts at 7:30am.

    Extra Credit: Check out the events calendar on our website – calendar
    Your child is able to earn up to 100 extra credit points for attending a concert and typing a critique.
    Here is the criteria

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    Upcoming events:

    November 3 – WSU Jazz Festival – 7th/8th Jazz Band (school day – Kimbrough Concert Hall)

    November 10 – Veteran’s Day Assembly – 7th/8th Concert Band – 9am in the LMS gymnasium

    December 4 – Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast – 7th/8th Jazz Band – LMS Commons

    December 14 – Winter Band Concert – All LMS Bands (first one for 6th grade!) – 7:30pm, LMS Gymnasium

    Thank you for your support of the LMS Bands!
    Mr. Covill