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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Items to note this week, February 22 – February 25:

    Congratulations to the Lincoln Middle School Jazz Bands for outstanding performances yesterday at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow. 
    Jazz Band I had an incredible performance and received the first place award in their division!!  They were asked to perform on the large stage at the Kibbie Dome for the afternoon concert which was a huge honor.  All four judges were very impressed with the caliber of playing of both groups and had wonderful things to say at the critique sessions after the performances.  This is the second year in a row (and the second year ever) that the Lincoln bands have been selected as “outstanding band” in their division.
    Congratulations to all of the hardworking members of the LMS Jazz Bands I and II!

    Hello LMS Band parents/students:
    Items to note this week, February 22 – February 25:

    Practice slips are due Tuesday – February 22! – 40% of the grade!
    practice guide should be read by both parents and students!  A truly helpful tool for setting goals for musical advancement!

    Excellent Job to all Junior All-State students who performed at the MENC All-Northwest Conference in Bellevue this past weekend!  You all sounded SPECTACULAR!!!  A huge thank you to the parents for getting their children there for the full day of rehearsals and the culminating concert in the evening.  I was so proud of these kids!!

    6th grade Band:
    We will continue working toward our March 15 concert goal.  Practice all of the pieces and work your own personal “tough” spots, it’s different for everyone.  We will work through pages 24-27 this week so practice every night!  There won’t be a test piece this week, however keep up the practice on page 43!  Also, always keep working through page 37, Accent on Scales and the solo page!

    Pieces to keep in your folder for a performance in the spring: “First Concert March”, “March of the Spartans”, “Eagle Summit March”, “Intensity” & “Affirmation”. “When the Saints Go..” is new so try really hard to work on the fingerings and rhythms to make it sound great fast!  Try working as far ahead in your book as you can get.  Remember to always play with a good tone and great rhythm!!!  Also, work on “Dona Nobis Pacem” and “Highland March” both used for small group playing.  Try to get together with friends and play through them for family and friends.

    6th grade Jazz Band will start Monday, February 28 at 7:30am.  This band is open to all 6th grade band students and will meet on Mondays and Fridays to get ready for our concert on May 19.  Percussionists wanting to join must have a set of brushes.  Please do not purchase the “Steve Gadd” model brushes. 

    7th and 8th grade Bands:

    7th – Continue working on Windemere Overture, Aladdin, Seasons of Change, Miniature Overture, Talons of Fire, Fireburst Fanfare, The Great American Frontier – You have other music already and we will continue to work on those pieces as well.  There won’t be a test piece on Thursday.  Start working through all of your scales with a flatted 3rd and 7th our harmonic minor scales.

    8th – Continue working on Canadian Trilogy, Themes from Harry Potter, Rites of Tamburo, Forest Brook Overture, The Impossible Machine – You have other music already and we will continue to work on those pieces.  There won’t be a test piece on Thursday.  Start working through all of your scales with a flatted 3rd and 7th our harmonic minor scales.

    7th/8th Jazz Band I and II:  The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival is on Thursday this week!  You all will sound awesome if you focus.  I am very confident that the judges will enjoy your performance!  If you need to take a look at the itinerary that was sent home last week or if you need to print another assumption of responsibility form please visit http://dev-lms-band.audibleim.com/ and click on the pdf above our logo.


    Extra Credit:  Check out the events calendar on our website
    ( http://dev-lms-band.audibleim.com/news/other-events/ ).  Your child is able to earn up to 100 extra credit points for attending a concert and typing a critique. 

    Here are the criteria – http://dev-lms-band.audibleim.com/extra-credit/ 

    Follow us!  Keep up to date on what’s happening with the LMS Bands – Facebook and Twitter are mainly tools for parents to use to keep up with us while on the go!  We’re trying to break 100 likes on Facebook if you’re interested.

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    Upcoming events:

    February 23 – Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival – Jazz Band 2 – Wednesday – bus leaves LMS at 7am!

    February 24 – Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival – Jazz Bands 1 & 2 – Thursday – bus leaves LMS at 11:30am!

    March 15 – LMS Almost Spring Concert – 6th Concert Band & 7th/8th Jazz Band 1 & 2 – 7:30pm, Commons

    March 17 – SEWMEA Large Group Festival – 7th & 8th Concert Bands & 7th/8th Full Orchestra – LMS Clarkston, school day

    Thank you for your support of the LMS Bands! 
    Mr. Covill