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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Items to note this week, March 14 – March 18:

    Hello LMS Band parents/students:

    Items to note this week, March 14 – March 18:

    Practice slips are due Monday – March 14! – 40% of the grade!

    > Great job to those Jazz Band 1 participants who performed for the 5th grade visitations this week – Thank You. Remember to get all of the make-up work for the time that you missed in your other classes.

    > We’ve added some pictures on Facebook of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Performance – Like Us and check it out!

    6th grade Band:

    This week we will have our second concert of the school year! I’m excited for everyone to hear this wonderful 6th grade concert band. Students need to be ready to warm-up at 7pm on Tuesday in the band room. The concert starts at 7:30pm and will take place in the LMS Commons. The students need to be sure to wear their concert black and white.

    The rest of the week will work through more pages in the book and start working on more music for our next concert in May. We will not have a test this week but will working toward next week’s test over #4 on page 37. Also, always keep working through the rest of page 37, Accent on Scales and the solo page!

    Keep all of the pieces we have played this year (with the exception of the winter holiday pieces) in your folder so we can perform them at the Pullman Community Garden Spring Fair!

    6th grade Jazz Band started Monday, February 28 at 7:30am. This band is open to all 6th grade band students and meets on Mondays and Fridays to get ready for our concert on May 19. We’re off to a great start!

    7th and 8th grade Bands: (Large Group Festival is this THURSDAY! PRACTICE HARD!!!)

    7th – The two pieces we will perform for the SEWMEA Large Group Festival are “Seasons of Change” and “The Great American Frontier”. Continue working on Windemere Overture, Aladdin, Miniature Overture, Talons of Fire, Fireburst Fanfare – You have other music already and we will continue to work on those pieces as well.

    8th – The two pieces we will perform for the SEWMEA Large Group Festival are “Epiphany” and “The Impossible Machine” with the Concert Band and “Themes from Harry Potter” and “Rites of Tamburo” with the Full Orchestra. Continue working on Canadian Trilogy (we will perform this with the high school band at the dessert fundraiser – April 13), Forest Brook Overture – You have other music already and we will continue to work on those pieces.

    > Our combined rehearsal with the orchestra last Thursday after school went really well! If you were there, remember to put that time as extra credit on your practice sheet. Also, remember that there is one more combined rehearsal this Tuesday right after school. I need everyone there to make sure the music is solidified for Thursday’s performance at the SEWMEA Large Group Festival.

    7th/8th Jazz Band I: You’re AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS on the LHJF! Also thank you for your work at the 5th grade visitations. Work on Swing Machine and Tuxedo Junction. I will see about more of the older swing style charts. Great job everyone!!

    7th/8th Jazz Band II: GREAT playing at the festival! We will play 3 pieces on the 15th. Amazing Grace, One Eyed Jack, Steam Shuffle. This is our last concert – let’s make it a great one!! If you’re interested in continuing on your own I can get individuals combo music.


    Extra Credit: Check out the events calendar on our website

    ( http://dev-lms-band.audibleim.com/news/other-events/ ). Your child is able to earn up to 100 extra credit points for attending a concert and typing a critique.

    Here are the criteria – http://dev-lms-band.audibleim.com/extra-credit/

    Follow us! Keep up to date on what’s happening with the LMS Bands – Facebook and Twitter are mainly tools for parents to use to keep up with us while on the go! We’re trying to break 100 likes on Facebook if you’re interested.

    Upcoming events:

    March 15 – LMS Almost Spring Concert – 6th Concert Band & 7th/8th Jazz Band 1 & 2 – 7:30pm, Commons

    March 17 – SEWMEA Large Group Festival – 7th & 8th Concert Bands & 7th/8th Full Orchestra – LMS Clarkston, school day

    April 13 – PEF Musical Instrument Fundraiser – PSD Music Groups TBA – time TBA – LMS Commons

    Mid-April – Earth Day Assembly – 8th Concert Band – 9am – LMS Gymnasium

    Thank you for your support of the LMS Bands!

    Mr. Covill