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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Items to note this week! March 26 – March 30

    Hello LMS Band parents/students:

    Items to note this week, March 26 – March 30:

    Practice slips are due March 26th for all bands!

    This is the last Monday to turn in practice slips for the 3rd quarter. Please make sure that they are turned in on time tomorrow.

    Please encourage your child to be responsible for coming to you to get the slip signed, not the other way around! 100 minutes per week is required and is 40% of the grade!

    Congratulations to the LMS 6th Grade Concert Band & LMS 7th/8th Jazz Bands on a wonderful evening of music last Thursday. Great playing everyone!!! CDs are finished, just waiting on the covers.

    There was a parent & grandparent taking pictures of all four groups at the Large Group Festival. If you would like a cd of the pictures please send $2 with your child by Friday of this week.

    · The 6th grade bands:
    Starting work on marching band. This is going to be a blast!!

    To Practice
    Party Rock Anthem, First Concert March – Sandy Feldstein & John O’Reilly, Chorale and Scherzo – John O’Reilly, Chorale and Canon – Anne McGinty, Cyberspace Overture – John O’Reilly & Mark Williams, When the Saints Go Marching In – John O’Reilly & Mark Williams should be part of the practice routine over the next few weeks. The students should also be practicing pages 26, 27 & 28 to solidify those exercises. We will continue working on more scales at the top of page 37 this week as well. Lots of counting out loud this week and possibly some rhythm quartets will be played. Memorize B E A D G C F – order of flats go forward, order of sharps go in reverse order.

    The students should keep working on the four Concert Scales at the top of page 37 and be striving for accuracy and fluidity in everything they’re working on. Trumpets should really strive for accuracy on the “high notes”. The “C” in the staff should feel very easy and comfortable by now and they should be progressing up to the “G” above the staff. Please be sure to practice pages 38 & 40 working on counting rhythms.

    A new piece will be handed out this week.

    The test this week will be written. It will be over the order of flats and sharps and key signatures.

    · The 7th and 8th grade bands:

    7th grade band

    To Practice –
    Party Rock Anthem, Acclamations, Prelude and Energico – James Swearingen, Flourish – Sandy Feldstein & Larry Clark, Baywood Overture – James Swearingen, Miniature Overture – Frank Erickson, Whirlwinds – John Kinyon, March to Castle Rock – Steve Hodges, Conquista – David Shaffer, Drums of Daruma – William Hines should all be part of the practice routine.

    8th grade band

    To Practice –
    Party Rock Anthem, The Great Steamboat Race, El Relicario – arr. Robert Longfield, Fiero – Steve Hodges, Dorian Rhapsody – Elliot Del Borgo, Shenandoah Valley – John Kinyon, Castle Hill Overture – Anne McGinty, White Eagle Overture – Steve Hodges, The Great Locomotive Chase – Robert W. Smith, The Witch and the Saint – Steven Reineke, Ballad for Peace – Frank Erickson should all be part of the practice routine.

    Both bands should always use the page of major scales and the page of rhythms as a warm-up at the beginning of every practice session as well.

    Memorize B E A D G C F – order of flats go forward, order of sharps go in reverse order.

    · 6th Grade Jazz Band:

    The three pieces to practice – Groovin’ Outta the Blues, My Funny Valentine and Hamp’s Boogie.

    Be sure to work on memorizing your blues scales so that your solo’s feel effortless.

    · 7th and 8th grade Jazz band 1:
    New music this week!

    · LMS Jazz band 2:
    Last rehearsal on Wednesday!

    Upcoming events:
    April 18 – PEF Musical Instrument Fundraiser –7th/8th Jazz Band – 6:30-8:00pm (perform at 7:10pm), Commons

    April 20 – Earth Day Assembly – 7th/8th Jazz Band – 9:15am, Gymnasium

    May 17 – Spring Concert – 6th Concert Band, 6th & 7th/8th Jazz Bands – 7:30pm, Commons

    May 24 – Spring Concert –7th & 8th Concert Bands, 7th/8th String Orchestra & 7th/8th Full Orchestra – 7:30pm, Gymnasium

    Extra Credit Opportunitieshttp://dev-lms-band.audibleim.com/news/other-events/

    Your child is able to earn up to 100 extra credit points for attending a concert and typing a critique. Check the criteria here – http://dev-lms-band.audibleim.com/extra-credit/


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    Why Should I Practice?

    Because when you have the courage to get your instrument, assemble it, and go, you are cultivating the emotional skills of the “can do” person.

    Because when you learn to encounter each challenge you face in your music with a nonjudgmental, gentle willingness to try again, you learn how to strive in a positive way.

    Because the awareness that you cultivate when playing your instrument keeps you connected to your body, emotions, and thought processes, which is an awareness that — if cultivated — can lead to great understanding of one’s self. This process can be painful. However, that pain does not compare to the pain of reaching the end of your life, only to realize that you never really understood yourself, that you never really lived authentically.

    Because in music there is a great capacity to cultivate self-love and discipline, a powerful combination. Through our instrument we are teaching ourselves to love ourselves, and this is hard work, but worth it.

    Because all that you learn when learning an instrument, if you are really paying attention, also teaches you how to be a better human being, how to appreciate and live life fully. So, even if you quit playing some day, you are still all the richer for your experience.

    Because when you make yourself vulnerable enough to perform for other people, you expand your ability to feel the full range of human emotion, you learn what it really means to be alive as a human being.

    Because when you share music with others, you remind them that there is something untouchable, ungraspable about being alive, that there are forces beyond our capacity to comprehend, and getting a glimpse of that mystery is a beautiful thing.

    Thank you for all of your support of the LMS Bands this year!

    Mr. Covill