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    Notes from Mr. C – LMS Bands – August

    Welcome back to the 2017-2018 Lincoln Middle School Band Program!

    I am really excited and looking forward to this school year with all of you and all of the activities we’ll get to take part in! Below are some informational items to start the school year:

    7th & 8th grade students do not need to bring their instruments the first day of school. They will need instruments the second day. As before, students will need to have a binder and may choose to use sheet protectors for their music. Students will also need to have a pencil each day. We also plan to assign instrument lockers throughout the first week of school.

    On the first and second day of school the 6th grade students will find out which instrument they will play for the year. There is information on the band website (see link below) regarding where to rent an instrument. It is my hope that everyone has an instrument and book by September 5 (or as soon after that as possible)!!!

    On the first day of school, each student will receive a syllabus with detailed information regarding grading, classroom policies, and our concert schedule. There will be a sheet within the syllabus for parents to sign and students to return to me. Included on the signature sheet will be a space for parent and student email addresses. As most of you know, I send home a weekly email with class updates and information. It is important that I receive updated email addresses from everyone so I can build my distribution lists.

    Please be sure to check the band website regularly as well. It can be accessed at: www.lmsmusic.org and then clicking on the Band link. We are not allowed to have this link on the district website so please book-mark it for your convenience.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about band. Email is the quickest way to contact me: jcovill@psd267.org

    Mr. Covill

    Thank you for your support of the Lincoln Middle School Band Program!!