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    Hello everyone,I hope you all had a great break and are gearing up for another wonderful year of music! I’m writing to let you all know about the Lentil Festival Parade in mid August.  If, for some reason, you didn’t have room in your schedule for Band this next year, you are still welcome to march in the Lentil Parade with us!I hope to see you all there.  Also, I have attached both songs as PDFs. Just scroll to your instrument and print that page if needed.Mr. Covill
    Pullman School District
    Marching Band

    Rehearsal Schedule: 
    Thursday, August 15 & Friday, August 16 – LMS Band Room/Parking Lot – (9am – 10am)

    Performance Schedule: 
    Saturday, August 17, 2019 – Line-up at 10:45am – Neill Public Library parking lot

    Required Dress:
    Comfortable shoes
    Comfortable shirt (must be any combination of blue, white or gray)

    10:45 am
    Line-up with required clothing and instrument only – no cases!!!! 

    (Remember to memorize your music – we are playing Cadence into Parade America and Cadence into Funky Town – probably around 300 times)
    Line-up is in the Neill Public Library parking lot. 

    11:00 am
    Parade starts!

    We will finish the parade at the parking lot next to the play fields.  Be sure to have your parents meet you there with your instrument cases.  Drummers and Tuba players will gently place all instruments in a designated vehicle at the end of the parade.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Covill & Mr. Mielke

    I was asked to make everyone aware of the shortage of parking near the start of the parade.  Please carpool as much as you can.  

    ***This is going to be a fun day.  I hope you can come support our students!***