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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Notes from Mr. C – LMS Bands – January 13 – January 16

    Hello LMS Band parents/students: 

    Items to note this week, January 13 – January 16: 

    Practice slips are due January 13 for all band students! Here is the link to print the practice slip – http://www.band.lmsmusic.org/practice-slip
    Please encourage your child to be responsible for coming to you to get the slip signed, not the other way around! 100 minutes per week is required!  Your child can always retrieve a practice slip from our website as well as in the band and choir rooms.

    6th Grade Band – Students will start learning new music this week.
    The focus page for this week is – page 16
    The test this week is #57 on page 16.
    Please read through this with your child as well –http://lmsmusic.org/practiceslip/How%20To%20Practice%20Properly.pdf

    7th and 8th grade bands – students should be practicing skills in the circle of fourths – Bb Eb Ab Db/C# Gb/C# Cb/B E A D G C F, chorals

    7th – New music this week. 

    8th – New music this week. Also, The Witch and the Saint, Covington Square, Crystal Medallion Overture
    The test for this week is the last line on the Jr. All State page.

    7th and 8th grade Jazz band:
    The seventh and eighth grade jazz band will perform for the annual LMS Martin Luther King Jr. assembly at 9 AM on Thursday this week. All are welcome and it will be held in the LMS gymnasium.

    The students should be practicing Second Line, Alright, Okay, You Win, Latin Lesson, Moon Dance, Do Nothin’ ’till You Hear From Me

    Here is the link to our calendar of events 2019-2020  – I apologize for all of the incorrect dates on the first calendar. – https://band.lmsmusic.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/lms-bands-dates-for-19-20-1.pdf

    Upcoming events:

    January 16 –7th/8th Jazz Band will perform for the annual LMS Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly (9:00 am, LMS Gymnasium) – Black and White Concert Attire – Community Welcome

    February 1 – District Solo/Ensemble 7th & 8th graders are eligible!  (morning, LMS) – Black and White Concert Attire – Community Welcome

    Frebruary 28 –7th/8th Jazz Band will perform for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival (TBA, University of Idaho campus) – Black and White Concert Attire – Community Welcome


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    Thank you for all of your support of the LMS Bands this year! 

    Mr. Covill


    Why Should I Practice?

    Because when you have the courage to get your instrument, assemble it, and go, you are cultivating the emotional skills of the “can do” person.

    • Because when you learn to encounter each challenge you face in your music with a nonjudgmental, gentle willingness to try again, you learn how to strive in a positive way.
    • Because the awareness that you cultivate when playing your instrument keeps you connected to your body, emotions, and thought processes, which is an awareness that — if cultivated — can lead to great understanding of one’s self. This process can be painful. However, that pain does not compare to the pain of reaching the end of your life, only to realize that you never really understood yourself, that you never really lived authentically.
    • Because in music there is a great capacity to cultivate self-love and discipline, a powerful combination. Through our instrument we are teaching ourselves to love ourselves, and this is hard work, but worth it.
    • Because all that you learn when learning an instrument, if you are really paying attention, also teaches you how to be a better human being, how to appreciate and live life fully. So, even if you quit playing some day, you are still all the richer for your experience.
    • Because when you make yourself vulnerable enough to perform for other people, you expand your ability to feel the full range of human emotion, you learn what it really means to be alive as a human being.
    • Because when you share music with others, you remind them that there is something untouchable, ungraspable about being alive, that there are forces beyond our capacity to comprehend, and getting a glimpse of that mystery is a beautiful thing.