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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Concert Etiquette


    Refrain from talking
    The first and greatest rule. It also includes whispering during the music.

    No singing, tapping fingers or feet
    The musicians do not need your help, and your neighbors need silence. Learn to tap your toes quietly inside your shoes it’s a good exercise to reduce toe fat.

    Please have nothing in your mouth, besides your teeth and tongue.
    Gum and candy are not allowed.

    Do not wear watches with alarms nor jangle jewelry
    You may enjoy the sound, but the added percussion is disturbing to everyone around you.

    Do not open and close your purse nor rip open your velcro wallet
    The best plan is to leave purses, etc., back at school or on the locked bus.

    Do not sigh with boredom
    If you are in agony, keep it to yourself. Your neighbor just may be in ecstasy, which should also be kept under control.

    Do not applaud between movements
    You may think the music is over, but it is not. You don’t want to be the only one clapping.

    Do not embarrass your teacher nor your school
    Remember that you are representing your school, and you want to be on your best behavior. There are many eyes looking at you.

    Do not read nor play with a toy in your pocket
    To listen means just that. Use the time to turn on a “video screen” in your mind and create a story to the music.

    Do not go to the concert thinking you will hate the music
    You may be surprised millions of people all over the world enjoy classical music, and if you give yourself a chance, you might, too!


    Refrain from talking

    Refrain from unwrapping noisy candy wrappers during a performance.

    Turn off pagers, cell phones, and watch alarms.

    Do not wave to your child during the concert.

    Do not take flash photography.

    Please do not walk down the center aisle with your video camera.

    Do not leave as soon as your child’s portion of the concert is over.

    Applaud at appropriate times.

    Do not leave the auditorium during musical selections.

    Go to the concert expecting the best.