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  • Practice Slip Due:

    Extra Credit

    LMS Bands Concert Critique Format and Grading Rubric  –  or pdf

    A concert program must accompany this critique.

    Paragraph #1 Introduction (1 point)

    This paragraph should include the basic facts concerning the concert, such as date, time and location.

    Paragraph #2 Technical evaluation (2 points)
    Write a paragraph in which you evaluate a technical aspect of the musical performance. Technical aspects might include pitch, blend, dynamics, vibrato, or technical skill on an instrument.

    Paragraph #3 Presentation (2 points)
    Write a paragraph on concert presentation. Areas discussed in this paragraph could include concert dress, discipline and enthusiasm.

    Paragraph #4 Musical selections (2 points)
    Write a paragraph centering on the musical selections. Aspects of this subject could include variety, appropriateness for the performing groups and quality of the literature.

    Paragraph #5 Summary (1 point)
    Write a paragraph that summarizes the report and brings it to a logical and satisfying conclusion.

    Conventions (all reports must be typed, double-spaced)
    2 points 1 or 2 minor spelling or grammatical errors
    1 point a few spelling and grammatical errors
    0 points many spelling and grammatical errors

    Grading Scale
    A 9-10 points
    B 8 points
    C 7 points
    D 6 points